Manager: Terry Collins vs Ned Yost

Ned Yost was once criticized for his managerial moves. With the Royals recent success, he’s been less scrutinized. Although he did make one hiccup when he didn’t bring Wade Davis to pitch to Jose Batista in the 8th-inning and Batista promptly hit a game tying homer off Madson which nearly cost the Royals.

Terry Collins is finally getting the credit he deserves a manager. He has changed his approach from his early stints managing and has been more assertive and has connected with the players. His bullpen moves have worked, whether it’s bringing Syndergaard and Colon in relief and putting Familia in for a 6 out save. He never gave up on his players who were struggling (Wright, Duda) and his patience has paid off as they both have had big NLCS.

Edge: Mets