1) 2015 Postseason

Without question, how could you not sign a player who’s having the playoffs of his life?

Lets start with the home runs. He’s hit 7 home runs so far in the playoffs which is one short of the playoff record for most homers in a playoff season. Then, I also mentioned about the record for most consecutive playoff games with a homer. What’s really impressive is how Murphy was never a 20 homer guy in the regular season. Which makes this feat even more stunning.

Also, he’s homered off studs like Clayton Kershaw (three-time Cy Young Award winner), Zack Greinke (lowest ERA in baseball), Jon Lester (one of the best postseason pitchers), and Jake Arrieta (best pitcher in baseball in the second-half of this season).

Then, you add in the fact that he is hitting just below .500 in the playoffs overall. Murphy has always been a clutch hitter and he is proving right now in the biggest stages.

There’s not a lot of players who’s come up bigger in October than Murphy this year.