Only two more wins away from the World Series, several New York Mets players have come up huge. Who’s been the most important thus far?

By Robby Sabo

On WFAN this morning, Joe Benigno of the appropriately titled Joe & Even Show (from 10 AM ET to 1 PM ET), told everybody about a dream he recently had.

As a rabid Mets fan, Benigno went on to explain how crazy his dream was. It specifically dealt with the New York Mets holding a two-game lead int he NLCS over the Chicago Cubs, and the New York Jets sporting a pretty impressive 4-1 record.

Obviously, it wasn’t a dream. This is truly reality.

Thanks to Daniel Murphy, Curtis Granderson and Noah Syndergaard, the Mets took out Jake Arrieta and the Cubs by the final of 4-1 in Game 2 of the NLCS.

That still doesn’t mean fans of the team are ready to accept it. They simply can’t. It’s too unbelievable to think the Mets are just six wins away from a World Series championship.

In any event, they are, and here are the five most important postseason players who have helped the Mets get to this point:

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