New York Mets

Dodger Stadium has a history of fan violence. With one Met fan its latest victim last Friday, should traveling fans be worried again?

By Gregg Cambareri

After the New York Mets Game 1 victory last Friday, a man was found viciously beaten outside of Dodger Stadium. A mother and son are the supposed perpetrators, according to an ABC report. The fan is believed to be in critical condition, after hitting his head on solid concrete. The incident is believed to have stemmed from  an earlier altercation.

This goes beyond baseball. This is human life we’re talking about. Unfortunately, this is not the first time fan violence has been relevant at Dodger Stadium, either. San Francisco Giants fan Brian Stow was severely beaten in 2011, suffering brain damage and altering his quality of life.

What is even more worrisome is that this occurred only after game one. The Chase Utley slide in game two surely raised the hostility of the series between fans and players. After splitting two games at Citi Field, the winner take all pressure of game five will only add to the tension.

If you’re going to the game Thursday night, it might be wise to exercise caution at ballpark. As fans, we want to be passionate about the teams we support. Root for your team, but there’s no need to jab at the opposition. Furthermore, don’t retaliate when an opposing fan instigates. The lives we live are more important than ballgames played by others.

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