Jeurys Familia: This guy may have been the Mets overall MVP. The first year closer really stepped up and became one of the best in the game. His final numbers were sparkling – 43 saves which ties a Mets record, a 1.85 ERA and a 1.00 WHIP. That’s pretty tough to hit with his fastball, slider and splitter which all reach 90 mph. Also, he’s a guy who can pitch more than one inning in a game too. Other than a few hiccups right after the All-Star break, he was dominant all year.

Grade: A

Tyler Clippard: Clippard was dominant in August after Mets acquired him, but so much in September, struggling with the long ball and his back as well.

Grade: C+

Addison Reed: Reed came over to the Mets in August and was spectacular. Before the Bryce Harper home run on Saturday, he didn’t give up an earned run since coming over to the Mets. He’s been so good Collins is considering putting Reed in the eighth-inning role.

Grade: A-

Carlos Torres: Struggled at times when he was thrust into the set up role. Pitched better when he was back to his more comfortable middle reliever.

Grade: C

Sean Gilmartin and Eric Goedell: Neither of them have been dominant but both have been serviceable out of the pen. Gilmartin may not be the lefty specialist the Mets need but he has been a solid long reliever who can pitch multiple innings.

Grade: B-

Bobby Parnell and Eric O’Flaherty: On the contrary, both of these guys have been awful. Parnell got off to a decent start after coming back from injury, but he drastically fell off in August and has been a shell of himself. O’Flaherty meanwhile has been awful all year. Brought in to get lefties out, he couldn’t get lefties or righties out. He’s been an adventure even in a eight run Mets lead.

Grade: F

Dario Alvarez: Showed a little something as a lefty, striking out Bryce Harper in his first game, but got hurt in mid September. He showed some of what he can do, but not completely yet.

Grade: Incomplete

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