2. Better Bullpen

The 2015 Mets bullpen could be more effective. The 2006 Mets bullpen was one of the best in the regular season. But set up man Duaner Sanchez got hurt in July and even though Aaron Heilman did a fine job as set up man for the rest of that year (until he gave up Yadier Molina’s game winning home run in Game 7), the Mets bullpen that year was not the same without Sanchez. And plus closer Billy Wagner struggled mightily in the NLCS.

I know the 2015 had some of their struggles during the season, but the 7th, 8th and 9th inning guys could be a big weapon. Especially closer Jeurys Familia, who had an unbelievable year with 42 saves and has one of the nastiest stuffs in the game especially the splitter which ranges in 90 mphs.

This will be Familia’s first playoff experience. If he can shake off the jitters and pitch like he did in the regular season, it will be game over in the ninth inning when the Mets have the lead. Tyler Clippard struggled in September. But if he can bounce back, he can be an effective seventh or eighth inning man depending on what Collins does with him and Addison Reed. And with Reed, he has been a nice addition and has been great since coming over to the Mets. All three of them have closed, so they should be able to handle the pressure well and Clippard has had some playoff experience. Another pitcher who can be useful in the pen, is starter Jon Niese. who will be placed in the bullpen in the playoffs. Niese is a lefty who could be used to get big lefty hitters out and also pitch in long relief.