New York Knicks

The New York Knicks are a team of rich history.  Given the state of their tradition, who would make the roster on an all-time Knicks squad?  

By Bryan Pol

The 2015 NBA Draft brought great results, with the New York Knicks acquiring Latvian product Kristaps Porzingis and Notre Dame standout Jerian Grant (in a trade that sent Tim Hardaway, Jr. to the Atlanta Hawks) in the first round.  Porzingis starred in the Summer League in Las Vegas, and the Knicks assembled a competitive roster by signing the likes of Robin Lopez, Arron Afflalo, Kyle O’Quinn, Derrick Williams, and Kevin Seraphin in free agency.  For the 2015-2016 campaign, Carmelo Anthony will enter the second season of his five-year deal, looking to lead the Knickerbockers back to the postseason despite knee surgery to repair damage to his left patella tendon.   

The Knicks are just over two months away from tipping off on the road against the Milwaukee Bucks on October 28.  Despite the relative excitement surrounding the upcoming season, the Knicks and the NBA are in the thick of a dry spell, with training camp some time away.

Given the lull, and Knick fans having the ability to log tremendous time playing as the ’71-’72 and the ’94-’95 Knicks in NBA 2K15, many look back on years’ past in anticipation for the season ahead.

Consequently, Harvey Araton’s tell-all book, When the Garden was Eden, and the companion piece that followed, ESPN Film’s 30 for 30 documentary of the same name, proved just how delightful it was to follow the Knicks in the ’70s, and the Pat Riley/Jeff Van Gundy-era Knicks of the ’90s, lead by all-time great Patrick Ewing, who made the NBA Finals twice, were equally enthralling to watch.

Given the Knicks’ rich history, who would make an all-time roster for the team that has wowed its fans for decades playing in a basketball mecca, the World’s Most Famous Arena?

Elite Sports NY examines the makeup of a hypothetical, all-time, 12-man roster, player by player, that spans the Knicks’ seasons since their inception in 1946.  Included is a five-man starting lineup, a seven-man bench, and a coach to lead them.  Statistics provided will not include their tenure with any other club but the Knicks.

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