Team USA Goaltending

  • Jonathan Quick
  • Corey Schneider
  • Ben Bishop

I have heard a lot of rumblings that is time to let Corey Schneider take the reigns for Team USA and see what he has got. While he did have a great season last year, it was his first full season as a number one goalie and how many high pressure games did he play in?

Jonathan Quick has proven he can win on the international stage and during the NHL playoffs. Quick has not done anything that warrants he lose the top spot in net. He wins big games and is the masked man I want between the pipes when Sidney Crosby and Canada is trying to eliminate Team USA.

Rounding out the goalie trio is a well earned invite for Ben Bishop. While Ryan Miller has backboned some memorable Team USA runs, Bishop deserves a shot as the third goalie only to be used in an emergency situation.

There you have it Team USA needs to find a new identity and that identity is talent prevails over roles. The best players need to be chosen over the best players that fit a certain role.

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