1. Jeff Fisher

The St. Louis Rams were a bad team and it seems like they are getting worse. Jeff Fisher has a bad record of 20-27-1. He has had three years to make this team a good one and hasn’t made any substantial moves to make his team better.

The only real move he has made was trading Sam Bradford for Nick Foles which made the Rams even worse. The Rams are a sad team coming in 16th for their defense last season which isn’t terrible but it is certainly not great. They did not do anything to improve this mediocre defense.They were an even worse team on offense coming in 28th for total scoring.

With the drafting of college sensation Todd Gurley the Rams have gotten better in a dimension of the game that they were actually alright at with 1,635 yards instead of improving their terrible passing game that only had 3,400 yards. Jeff Fisher needs to show that he can still win games.

Three years is enough time to evaluate that he either needs to show that the Rams are finally moving in the right direction or that he should be fired.

Guy Rose is a freshman at Rowan University and is majoring in theater. He is a huge football fan and an even bigger Miami Dolphins fan. He is really excited to be apart of the Elite Sports NY team. His email is [email protected]