Entering another NFL season we ask ourselves which head coaches are firmly planted in their positions and which ones are feeling hot.

By Guy Rose

Being an NFL head coach is like being in the Roman Colosseum. It’s kill or be killed. One day you are being hired as a leader of men, the next day you are being fired.

The head coach is the most underrated position in football. In the NFL coaching is everything. It determines how the offense and defense will run in turn setting the team up for victory or disaster.1nfl2

With the right coaching and the right scheme back ups like Matt Cassel can become top players at their position. If those players are in the wrong scheme they will stay as backups. Even some of the best of all time like Joe Montana could have been completely different players with a different coach.

Montana had one of the best offensive minds to ever live as a head coach, Bill Walsh. With his offensive playbook and coaching a 3rd round quarterback was turned into possibly the best of all time.

Organizations are always looking for their own Bill Walsh or Vince Lombardi to win them their next Super Bowl. It’s only natural that they find some duds along the way. The NFL is quick to replace their coaches so these five should watch their back for this upcoming season.

Here are the Top 5 coaches on the hotseat heading into the 2015 NFL season:

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