1.  “Hello?!?!? You play, to win the game!”

Last, but certainly and never last, we come to Herman Edwards. He just has a way of motivating me to go and play for him, if I could. He even does it on when he shows up on ESPN.

In five seasons as the New York Jets head coach, he managed a 39-41 record, going 2-3 in their playoff appearances. He followed the footsteps of coaching legend and man of many hats, Bill Parcells in 2001 (after one forgettable Al Groh season in 2000).

Edwards tenure was met with mixed reviews and ended on a sour note, regarding his salary demands with the Jets and led to his departure for the Kansas City Chiefs.

This famous rant came after a loss to the Cleveland Browns, in 2002. At the time, the team was 2-5.

Then, behind first-year start Chad Pennington, the team went 7-2 and made the playoffs.

But, it’s what Edwards did in this clip. Never forget!

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