We take a look back at the top head coaching rants from yesteryear, getting you primed for the 2015 NFL season.

By Patrick Comia

Training camp is opening around the league. Soon, the regular season will be upon us. Then, the playoffs and of course, theSuper Bowl.

Next thing you know, it’s gone just like that and you ask yourself, where did it all go?

Hopefully, your team does great this year, no matter your affiliation. You are sure to live through the ups and downs of your favorite football team’s performance.1nfl2

No doubt, they will get you out of your chair and scream some “colorful metaphor” to express your feelings, good or bad. It can bring joy and put you in a good move for the following work day. Or, it can sour your day and give you the “don’t bother me” towards your co-workers.

You feel like you could have done a better job as the coach yesterday. Better play calling, handling of players, or motivating them to do better, we all wish we could lash out and impose our coaching style.

And then there are times when you sit back and watch someone talk to reporters, not holding anything back. And, it was how you were feeling.

Most of the time, you find satisfaction knowing someone like that cares. They become epic and take on a life of their own, taking on legendary status. Most of them are funny to look at, but they are passion-filled.

As long as there is an NFL, we won’t soon forget these epic moments:

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