2. Playoffs?

Coming in at number two is probably one of the most recognized rants in all of sports, not just football. Jim Mora is just masterful in this piece.

He lets loose on how he feels and the sarcasm that comes out is the stuff of legends.

Anytime a media member mentions the word playoffs, or if it is even whispered, guarantee you will get this reaction.

For Mora’s coaching career, he has a winning record of 125 wins and 106 losses in 15 seasons. It was his inability to get over the playoff hump that became his reputation. That and his epic tirades to the media.

In four seasons as the Indianapolis Colts head coach, he compiled a record of .500 record of 32-32. In this clip, he speaks to the media following a loss to the 49ers in 2001. It dropped his team to 4-6 on the season and would finish 6-10. Consequently, this rant may have sealed the deal for Mora not returning tot he Colts past the season.

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