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On Monday morning, at Clyde’s Wine & Dine in the heart of New York City, Keith Hernandez and Walt “Clyde” Frazier made a big announcement.

By Kevin Flynn

On August 3, the “Just For Men: Mustache and Beard” production team held a press conference in the friendly confines of their famous spokesman’s restaurant.

Walt “Clyde” Frazier’s Wine and Dine Restaurant at 485 10th Avenue, New York, NY was the venue and those invited received a chance to witness some of the classic Just for Men’s commercials which pairs two of New York’s greatest color commentators/athletes as the pitchmen.

The main event came when the company premiered their newest commercial which starts airing on television today. It once again features the combo of Hernandez and Frazier, continuing marketing to men who may be “rejected” by the ladies for having too much gray in their beards.

The rise of beards and mustaches on males, ages 21-40 in society, have been tabbed as the focus for the new Twitter campaign, #Beardspotting. The company will be holding a contest to search for the Best Beard by sharing pictures of men with beards on social media using the hashtag.

Hernandez eluded to having his mustache since he was 18 years old, and after recently shaving it off, grew it back in support of the New York Rangers playoff run this past May.

Clyde Frazier was asked by one reporter, “In his opinion, who has the best beard in all of sports?” Frazier stuck to his sport and gave the honor to James Harden, the Houston Rockets MVP candidate this past season. Frazier also said he’d help Phil Jackson and his broadcast partner during New York Knicks games, Mike Breen with their beards whenever they ask.

I was able to get one on one with Keith Hernandez, having the opportunity to ask a question:

Flynn: “With regard the Baseball Writers of America, who hold Baseball Hall of Fame votes; Do you feel they devalue the defensive attributes of first basemen when voting for the Hall of Fame?”

Hernandez: “Probably, it’s shortstops and second basemen that get looked at more from a defensive angle to get into the Hall of Fame. The corner positions, they are looking for more home runs and power. But you can make an argument one way or the other.”

Flynn: “I keep looking at the list of Golden Glove award winners and I am amazed that you are the only guy at the top of that list for the most at his position that’s not in the Hall. And it’s not even close to the point that you are going to hold that record unless Mark Teixeira somehow plays another 6 seasons.”

Hernandez: “Teixeira’s not gonna get there. Mattingly was the one, and he had nine and he hurt his back. So Mattingly might have gotten more than me, but his career was curtailed with that bad back situation.”

Of course we all remember the classic Just For Men ads throughout recent memory from this unlikely duo:

“That beard is weird.” “That stache is trash.” Can’t get enough.

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