8. Barry Bonds (LF-Pirates/Giants)

  • 1986-2007, Pirates, Giants
  • 1st HR (762), 1st in BB (2,558)

Hatred, confusion and sheer venom. Those are the descriptions many spew when the name Barry Bonds is mentioned.

Although most cursed the man out for bulking up on steroids and turning into the Incredible Hulk on the diamond, they all understood why he did it. The attention that was pouring out to Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa during that farce of a 1998 season was too much for Bonds to bare.

So, he decided to amp up and become the single most dangerous hitter baseball has seen in over a half-century.

During the 2004 season the man was walked an incredible 232 times, 120 of which were of the intentional variety.

The shame of it all was that Bonds didn’t need any performance-enhancing magic. He was already a Hall of Fame bat and glove prior to that madness ensuing.