With the 2015 MLB All-Star Game madness currently taking place, we feel it’s only fair to shove a greatest of all-time list down your throat.

By Robby Sabo

This is, indeed, “The White Wale.”

It is the list of impossible lists. The list that no man usually takes head on for obvious reasons.

We’re talking about the list that is the “Greatest Players in MLB History.”

For other leagues and entities the task is harmless. Coming up with a greatest of all-time list in the NBA, for example, is easy. Those superstars dominated their game in a way that positions don’t matter.

With only 10-men on the court at a single time, positional difference can be overcome.

In the NFL, quarterbacks receive most of the love. Sure positional difference in the league we call “American’s Game” is quite drastic, but a greatest of all-time list has been attacked in relatively comfortable fashions time and again.

Baseball is different – a completely different animal all together.

Not only are positions so drastic, but the eras for which players participated in couldn’t be more topsy-turvy.

There was the “Dead-Ball” era, a time that pitchers dominated and smiled upon taking that rather large mound. We also went through the “Free Agency, Arbitration” era which started in the mid-1970s. And then, of course, we brought on the “Steroid Era.”

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Throw in the fact that Major League Baseball has been operating since 1869, we then allow complete and utter madness to ensue while creating a list like this.

With all the discussion surrounding New York Yankees designated hitter Alex Rodriguez getting the snub for the 2015 All-Star Game, and Pete Rose always seeming to pop up in the news, we found this list rather appropriate.

Here are the 50 Greatest Players in MLB history. Let the madness begin:

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