9. Joe DiMaggio (CF-Yankees)

  • 1936-51, Yankees
  • MLB Record 56-Game Hitting Streak

First of all, anybody who plays Major League Baseball for the New York Yankees and is married to Marilyn Monroe needs to be not only considered a hero, but a god.

That’s just what Joe DiMaggio was, a baseball god.

Sure, does his career 361 home runs project him as the ninth-greatest baseball player of all-time? Absolutely not.

When taking into consideration that he fought for our country during World War II and only struck out a mere 369 times, his status elevates to an obscene level.

DiMaggio’s career batting average was .325 over the course of his way-too-short MLB career (13 seasons). The man picked up two batting titles, three MVPs and a phenomenal nine World Series Championships.