10. Hank Aaron, RF

  • 1954-76, Braves, Brewers
  • 1st in RBI (2,297), 2nd in HR (755)

The man many consider the true MLB home run king is this guy, Hank Aaron.

For good reason too, as Barry Bonds’ head was the only thing that got bigger than Mark McGwire’s biceps during the early 2000s.

The main point of contention as it relates to Aaron coming in at the No. 10 spot instead of higher on the list (as most usually peg him), will be directly due to his incredible number of 755 career home runs.

Here, however, he is penalized a bit as a man who compiled these astounding stats over a brilliant 23-year MLB career.

Hammerin Hank never surpassed 47 home runs in a season and only lead the National League in homers just four-times.

Still, the man is a legend and we’re only bringing up these points to justify him as the 10th greatest MLB player of all-time.