LW, Matt Beleseky (27- years old, 6’0, 204 lbs)

Perhaps one of the most sought after talent this coming Wednesday will be Matt Beleskey. Depending on his asking price (around 4-4.5 million), he could prove to be a valuable asset to a team. A couple of things that may concern teams is his amount games he has played and goal scoring abilities. He’s played no more than 70 games in seven seasons with the Ducks. Before last year, his highest number in goals was a 11 (2009-2010 season). So it begs the question, will teams pay his asking price or will they offer what they think he’s worth based on his career? He hasn’t really shown signs of greatness. However, if general managers are able to talk down Beleskwy to say three to four million, then it’s a win. However, there will be that one team that overpays based off last year.

Last season’s stats with ANH: 65 games, 32 points (22 goals, 10 assists), +13, 39 PIM, TOI (even-strength)- 12:40, TOI (power play)- 1:32

2014/2015 Salary Cap Hit: 1.4 million