It’s time to restock on players this Wednesday – when 2015 NHL free agency officially opens for business.

By Patrick Comia

Teams will have an opportunity to be the highest or most attractive bidder, sometimes in terms of locale, for a player’s services. Normally it’s for the money, but who doesn’t like more money, right?

But, the GM’s will price players at what they think their value be for their services and how they could contribute to their team.

During this time, trades are still in play, and you’ll see some creative hijinks when it comes to deals. Fans will moan and groan over a player being overpaid; and it’s even worse if it’s their own team doing the offering. But, then there are those players who fans get giddy for and start rubbing their hands together, feeling the excitement and anticipation of seeing them on the ice. Much like a child gets a new, shiny toy.

They have the feeling going into the season as this is the year because they have “so-and-so.” Just remember, buyer beware. If teams have done their homework on available players, then their team will be all that much better.

Here are the top five players at each position teams may be bidding on to add to their team and make them successful next season:

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