5. Orlando Magic – Justise Winslow

The other Duke player, the guy I’d personally love to see the Knicks draft, Justise Winslow, will be heading to the Orlando Magic.

Winslow’s all-around brilliance is what’ll make him such a great pro. He’s basketball IQ is higher than just about anyone in the draft, which allows him to fit into any situation.

We saw it last March as his team took the 2015 National Championship.

When Jahlil Okafor was on the floor, Winslow played the role of lock-down defender and hustle man. When Okafor was off the floor, he instantly turned into a scorer.

The one aspect of his game that we’re still wondering about his is handle. Still, his game is so suited as a No. 2 guy to build around on a very good NBA team.