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Alex Rodriguez is only five hits away from 3,000. Can fans find it in their hearts to celebrate this milestone or will it be a mum affair?

By Michael Iuzzini

It is night and day compared to the last member of the New York Yankees who was in the hunt for the same exclusive club.

We can all remember the circus show that followed Derek Jeter as he marched closer to the 3,000 hit mark.

One side of the fence you have Jeter, the face of baseball, loved and respected by fans, colleagues and everyone that got to enjoy such a stellar career.1yanks2

Then there is Alex Rodriguez.

He is the lightning rod of controversy, the black sheep of the Yankees and public enemy number one at all visiting ballparks.

There is zero reason to compare the two and their careers.  We all know where Jeter’s next stop is and that is Cooperstown.  For Alex, it is a giant question mark to what legacy he will leave behind when he finally does hang up the cleats.

I have said it before, but it is a lonely world for Rodriguez.  Once he does call it quits he will probably end up shoved in the baseball basement closet along with Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Sammy Sosa and Mark McGuire.

Yankees fans have come around and are enjoying a more reserved and clean A-Rod.  I do not think anyone including Alex could have predicted the at plate success he is having after being suspended for 162 games.

They’ve also stood behind A-Rod all season and I know they will make his 3,000 hit something memorable for the player.  It is a special moment and should be celebrated.

Not in a Jeter type fashion, but celebrated nonetheless.

For many, it is tough to tip their cap to someone who has been caught cheating for enhancing their performance as they climb all-time player lists and set personal milestones.  A-Rod has never been liked, but for some strange reason maybe it’s because he’s so vulnerable to scrutiny and an easy target it has become a little easier to see the good in him.

Fans of the game should find a way to honor what achievements he has accomplished and be a positive part to the new A-Rod.

This past weekend he joined another elite list after collecting his 2000 and 2001 career RBI’s.  Rodriguez is now in the top four in this category which includes Hank Aaron (2,297), Babe Ruth (2,214) and Cap Anson (2,075).

As far as the original milestone is concerned, Rodriguez is going to have to wait for a chance to get the five-hits needed as the Yankees will spend the next two nights visiting the National League (DH-less) Miami Marlins.  Joe Girardi has already stated Alex will be rested and only available to pinch hit.

Like Jeter, Rodriguez has a chance to do it at Yankee stadium as the Yanks close out the home and home series against the Marlins Wednesday and Thursday at the stadium and then host Detroit for a three-game series.

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