It’s been a long, tumultuous road for New York Yankees mega-star Alex Rodriguez. Just how did he get to where he is now?

By Michael Iuzzini

Alex Rodriguez is and will always will be a lightning rod for controversy, granted 99.99% it’s all on him.  As A-Rod sat out last season from his suspension, the New York Yankees began to separate themselves from Rodriguez, leaving him vulnerable and alone.  The team put in legal motion to void any payout on all performance bonuses that could possibly be earned by Alex.

As hard as it was for Rodriguez, he kept his mouth shut and continued to be kicked while down.  MLB was allowed to make an example out of him and the Yankees did everything in their power to acknowledge the simple fact they will not stand up for their own and let the league have its way with their player.

Fast forward, A-Rod has passed Willie Mays for fourth on the all-time home run list, he’s under 20 hits away from 3,000 and now sits third right behind another lost baseball soul Barry Bonds on the all-time RBI list at 1,995.

There is no doubt Rodriguez would dream of jumping into a time machine to go back and stop himself from being weak and listening to his cousin Yuri Sucart and the fake Doctor Anthony Bosch.

A-Rod destroyed any credibility of his true baseball talent.  For some reason Rodriguez was blinded and could not see the simple fact he did not need to cheat.  He was more than gifted he was and could have been truly one of the best.  He was placed on this earth to be a baseball player, a role model and leader.  The second that foreign substance entered his body all of that was erased.

For someone who should have zero confidence issues, A-Rod’s past shows the total opposite.  By not believing in his true talent and afraid to fail is where the wheels fell off for Alex.  It all led to the spiral down to a future that now has him labeled in Major League Baseball standards a criminal.

As Rodriguez breaks records and climbs all-time leader lists, there is never going to be any thought of what greatness he brought to the game.  instead, all of those records are stolen goods, false strength and unearned effort from a performance enhancing drug.

Everything that A-Rod is accomplishing right now, he could have gotten there with hard work rather than the easy way out.  sadly we are never going to know what A-Rod could have been because he took that away from himself and all of MLB.  If his career follows suit to the other tarnished record-breaking players, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Mark McGuire, A-Rod will never see the hall of fame.

This season could be the first where Alex has been clean in over a decade.  At 39 years old he is hitting .276, 11 home runs and 26 RBI’S.  That is after an entire season off.

The Yankees, MLB and every baseball fan had no idea what was to become of A-Rod this season.  It seems at times that Alex is surprising himself.

For the first time in possibly ever the controversial hitter looks as if he is having fun.  He is taking the boos in stride and has found comfort with coming clean.  He has accepted his fate and he is finally doing what he does best, just play baseball.

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