1. He’s On Track

LeBron James is currently 30-years old. For how much the media has gotten on him about his lack of championships and clutch play in the past, he’ll have three-NBA Championships should he finish off Curry and the Warriors.

When Michael Jordan won his third championship – in 1993 as he took out NBA MVP Charles Barkley and the Phoenix Suns – he was exactly 30-years old.

This means James will actually be further ahead than Jordan in terms of winning success by the time each hit the 30-year old mark. At this point in their careers, MJ was three for three in The Finals, while LeBron would be three for six (should he get the job done).

This is simply amazing to think about.

Regardless of who frowned at LeBron for leaving his city so inappropriately in 2010, nobody can deny his greatness.

Look up some of Jordan’s early days as he battled the Boston Celtics and the Bad Boys of Detroit. Try to remember those days when he struggled to get through the Eastern Conference as a burgeoning star.

It wasn’t until Pippen and Jackson arrived – and the Bad Boys and Larry Bird dwindled – that Jordan climbed that mountaintop.

The end result is quite simple for why most believe LeBron cannot touch MJ.

Jordan’s greatest gift was “capturing that moment” on the biggest of stages, while LeBron has suffered through a couple of bad moments on the biggest stage.

If only LeBron didn’t have to deal with Social Media pressure and had captured a few more moments along the way, this conversation between he and Jordan would become much more of a reality.

For now, though, he’ll have to keep working hard until the day of legitimate “greatest of all-time” talk starts to come.


  1. wrong all wrong

    1. Lebron is 2-4 in the finals while Jordan is 6-0

    2. 2007 Cavs faced two teams that had a 41-41 record then beat a Pistons team with no Ben Wallace or their old HOF coach. Then Lebron got outscored by Tony Parker in the finals.

    D Wade – Lead his team and Won a championship and finals MVP before teaming up with Lebron

    Bosh – had his best seasons and was a franchise player.

    3. Jordan shut down Isiah Thomas, Clyde Drexler, Reggie Miller, Kevin Johnson, John Stockton. Lebron cant even lockdown SF`s like Durant or Melo, he doesnt have that mentality. Also Lebron plays in a system where it evolves around him making a pass, Jordan played in a system where everyone was making passes. Jordan would average 6-7 apg easy if he played in a system Lebron does.

    4. Lebron assist numbers would drop if he played in the triangle because the triangle offense involves everyone being a play maker while Lebron`s system is all about him making a pass to open 3 point shooters

    5. Lebron`s best defense came in 2013 where he helped put Tony Parker on 44% shooting and Parker STILL hit clutch shots in his face. Jordan won DOPY at the guard position, Lebron is at the foward position and cant lock down the perimeter or the paint

    Lebron plays in the weakest Basketball era since the 60`s. Jordan played against better defenses and better rim protectors than Lebron will ever play in his entire life.