While he’s not there yet, these 2015 NBA Finals are starting to reveal just how truly special LeBron James is. Here are five big reasons.

By Robby Sabo

Make no mistake about it, LeBron James is not Michael Jordan.

Despite having this group of overachieving Cleveland Cavaliers now just two-games away from the 2015 NBA Championship, which would represent his third-title overall, James has not yet reached greatest of all-time status.

Although, he’s getting pretty damn close.

Many feel this discussion about surrounding the greatest of all-time is ridiculous. They feel it’s an impossibility to compare NBA legends from the past to today’s stars.1nba2

After all, each era presented its own unique challenges and comforts.

While that sentiment is wholeheartedly true, this is the NBA way.

Since a struggling league clamped onto Larry Brid and Magic Johnson during the early 1980s, the superstar conversation has trumped the team area at every turn.

Then, when No. 23 from the Chicago Bulls came to play, this greatest of all-time convo reached epic proportions.

Speaking of Jordan, this is where the conversation gets interesting.

For some strange reason, people today act like Jordan never missed a shot. They talk about his hay-day when he marveled us with his perfection.

This is a complete fallacy.

It was Jordan’s uncanny ability to capture the moment that has led to his legend growing to previously unseen heights. From the “Double-Nickel Game” to the “Flu-Game” to “The Shot” to the “Final Shot in Utah,” MJ never failed to end the script his way.

His absurd competitiveness led to a phenomenal closing ability that allowed the entire world to name him the greatest of all-time.

The way some get offended at the notion of James being Jordan’s equal is almost laughable. People take it personally, thinking “how dare somebody try to tarnish Jordan’s legacy.”

The cold-hard truth those Jordan defenders need to understand is this: Jordan was not perfect.

He missed game-winning shots. He turned the ball over. He even made plenty of mistakes with teammates at times.

Jordan was a marketer’s dream, a guy who can successfully carry the league after Bird and Magic bowed out.

The point is, the reason his legacy is outrageous at this point is not just due to his play on the court. Jordan never left Chicago, and he never allowed fans the chance to turn on him.

Still, is Jordan the G.O.A.T.? Probably, yes. We’ve all done lists like this before, and more often than not he is the guy thrust in that prestigious spot.

I mean, let’s get real here, how could anybody argue with the highest points per game average in NBA Playoffs history (33.4)?

Well, there’s a number of reasons that can be found to easily argue it.

Here are five reasons LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan:

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