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Top Yankees prospect Jasson Dominguez wasn’t in the big leagues for long before hitting the injured list. But, man — he made a huge impact in a short period of time. Instead of watching him finish the year in the Bronx, though, he’s preparing to get his torn UCL repaired.

You’re telling us we got a glimpse of the future with this kid, and now we have to wait even longer to watch him try and put it all together? Bummer. Obviously, the next question surrounding The Martian is the following: When could we possibly see him on the field at Yankee Stadium again?

Dominguez is still being evaluated and getting multiple opinions about his injury. According to SNY’s Andy Martino, there could be two specific options on the table for the young outfielder. These include Tommy John surgery or an internal bracing procedure. Here’s part of what he said in his report:

While one source expressed optimism about a return around Memorial Day, another cautioned that it was too soon to say because the nature of Dominguez’s surgery will determine that.

His two known options are Tommy John surgery, with an expected recovery time of 9-10 months for a position player, and an internal bracing procedure that is less serious. Boston shortstop Trevor Story had the internal brace and returned after seven months.

Based on that timetable, an internal brace procedure could put Dominguez back on the field in mid-to-late May. Tommy John would likely mean missing at least the first half of the season.

“In many cases it takes going in there to see if a brace would work,” said one source.

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Martino also discussed Bryce Harper’s situation. They didn’t know which procedure would work for him before going under the knife, either. He had Tommy John and came back in a flash, but he’s also been exclusively penciled in as either a first baseman or designated hitter in 2023.

Those aren’t options for Dominguez. Both positions are accounted for in New York heading into 2024. So, we’ll first have to see what procedure he actually gets before trying to figure out when he’ll return.

Based on this report, the best-case scenario could be June. But expecting him back sometime after the All-Star break is probably more realistic. We might as well have that in our heads, so if it turns out to be anything sooner, we’ll be pleasantly surprised instead of the other way around.

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