yankees fire cashman night
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Brian Cashman’s parade of failure continues with this lost 2023 season and one Yankees fan has had enough.

Angry Bombers fan @JonFromMaspeth has declared the Friday, Sept. 22 home game against Arizona as “Fire Cashman Night.”

If this gains any traction, it may be about as bad as things can possibly get for the last-place Yankees. It might even be worse than missing the playoffs or finishing the season in the AL East cellar. This is truly unprecedented territory for the beleaguered, embattled, banged up Yankees.

Because in 25 years on the job, through all of the ups and downs and complete roller coaster that is the Yankees, Cashman has never been in the crosshairs this much. Yankees fans showing up with signs criticizing team management and/or paper bags over their heads? Unheard of on East 161st Street and River Avenue.

Adding to the Yankees’ potential PR nightmare is that this is all happening in Sections 202, 203, and 204. For those unaware, those are the right field bleachers. Section 203 is particularly loud, leading the daily roll call at the start of each game.

And now, in the midst of the worst season under Cashman, Yankee Stadium’s loudest are breaking out the megaphone again. Except this time, it isn’t to chant players’ names. It’s to criticize the man who built this failure of a roster with plenty of healthy booing in between.

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To say George Steinbrenner is rolling in his grave would be the understatement of the year. If he were with us today, and fully lucid at the ripe old age of 93, this would never happen. He’d stop this dead in its tracks and probably send Cashman packing.

More importantly, the team would probably be in a better position because the Boss would have instilled a true sense of urgency. Perhaps Jon from Maspeth wouldn’t be so motivated to do this at all.

Unfortunately for Jon, Hal has already said his GM is safe. Even so, Cashman had better pray turnout in right field is low on Sept. 22.

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