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You knew this was coming. We warned you before Opening Day back in March. But still, just about everyone was hoping the Yankees wouldn’t join the trend when it came to adding a jersey patch advertisement to New York’s classic home and away uniforms.

Well, our greatest nightmare is here. The Yankees announced on Wednesday that they’ll be adding a patch to their uniforms. New York tried to soften the blow with Aaron Judge and Gerrit Cole modeling them.

Here’s the official announcement about the expanded partnership between the Yankees and Starr Insurance:

The TL;DR version of this is that the Yankees are going to be wearing these jersey patches through the 2031 season. However, fans get one more week of the classic Yankee jerseys before these patches are added on — they will debut on July 21st.

As you can imagine, the reception hasn’t been a good one, but such is life, right? There is no jersey patch advertisement that’d look “good” on the Yankees’ uniform. But at the same time, this could’ve been a lot worse. Clearly, the Bombers learned from the Mets’ mistake and are debuting a patch that blends in as much as it possibly can.

Baseball is a business. But you’d have to think at least some things would be off-limits. That’s clearly not the case. Now, we have a little over a week to simultaneously be mad about this while also enjoying New York’s ad-less jerseys before it all changes.

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