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Remember when Yankees general manager Brian Cashman traded left-hander Jordan Montgomery to the Cardinals last season for center fielder Harrison Bader? And Montgomery started pitching like a Cy Young Award candidate for the Redbirds while Bader was in a walking booth? And there was plenty of hand-wringing?

Montgomery eventually cooled off. Bader has proven to be an impact player (when he is healthy, which has been an issue). And now things have gone completely south(paw) for Montgomery. He has lost seven straight decisions and the Cardinals have lost each of his last 10 starts. The latest defeat: Saturday against the Pirates, 4-3, after he gave up just one earned run after a rain delay.

From The St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

During the 60-minute rain delay that interrupted his start and effectively submerged the Cardinals’ offense, Jordan Montgomery did all he could in and around the clubhouse to maintain his adrenaline so that he did not contribute to the team’s sinkhole.

“Can’t just throw two innings and hand it off to the bullpen,” he said.

Montgomery paced.

Montgomery pedaled a stationary bike.

Montgomery pitched weighted balls.

Montgomery simulated an inning.

Montgomery waited.

And though he returned to the mound, his waiting continues.

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Brutal. Says Montgomery: “I am not loser. I’m going to keep giving them everything I’ve got out there. The team knows that. Manager knows it. Pitching coach knows it. Fan base knows it. … Baseball stinks. It’s not always easy. It’s not always going to go great. Everybody has to stick with what they do – and try to do it better.”

The Cardinals (25-35) have been arguably the biggest disappointment in baseball. You have to imagine they’ll give things a bit more time — they are dead-last in the National League, but that is still only seven games back of a wild card spot and 7.5 games off the NL Central lead. But if and when they do decide to sell, Montgomery figures to be a likely asset. Could the Bombers bring him back?

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