yankee stadium lizard
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Being a baseball fan in New York is different than in any other MLB market. NYC lives and dies with both the Mets and Yankees. They also find unique ways to show how much they care about their squads.

Mets owner Steve Cohen is doing his best to build the Amazins into a global brand. But for the Yankees, they already are. Just about everyone around the world — whether they’re a baseball fan or not — can identify the Yankees’ logo.

For some fans, though, simply wearing a hat, jersey, or even getting a tattoo isn’t enough. Those diehard feelings can sometimes bleed over into your work life. And if you own a garbage truck company that drives around NYC streets every week, you might as well make it a moving Yankees billboard, right?

I feel like this is only something people from New York City or around the tri-state area will truly understand. I haven’t seen it myself, but my guess is this garbage truck gets plenty of hoots and hollers as it picks up trash around the city.

For anyone who’s not a Yankees fan or familiar with NYC/the tri-state area, though, they probably view this as the complete opposite. Probably more of a self-own than anything else. Like, the Bombers have won 27 World Series titles — why does their iconic logo need to be plastered on the side of a garbage truck?

Because it’s New York, that’s why! Things are just different here and some people will never understand. And, you know what? I’m pretty sure New Yorkers want to keep it that way, too.

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Matt Musico is an editor for ESNY. He’s been writing about baseball and the Mets for the past decade. His work has been featured on numberFire, MetsMerized Online, Bleacher Report, and Yahoo! Sports.