New York City Mayor Eric Adams is shown during a press conference at Moynihan Train Station as he talks about the future of Penn Station. Thursday, June 9, 2022 Gov Murphy And Gov Hochul Future Of Penn Station

Eric Adams is already a polarizing figure just from being the mayor of New York City. It’s a thankless job where the voters who put him in office probably curse his name on the daily.

Well, Hizzoner just put himself in the crosshairs of every New Yorker and might have lost a handful of voters. Appearing at Yankee Stadium on the YES Network’s Opening Day broadcast, Adams called the heralded venue “Yankee Park.”

Let’s be fair. Did Adams probably mean to say “The Yankees’ ballpark” and this was just a slip of the tongue? Probably. Everyone’s human and makes mistakes, especially during a sports broadcast where they need to strike the impossible fan/politician balance.

But come on, Mr. Mayor. It’s the Yankees. They play at Yankee Stadium. This is something everyone knows worldwide. It has never been “Yankee Park” and never will be. This wasn’t even an homage to the former Hilltop Park, home of the original New York Highlanders and current site of Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital.

But the voters on Twitter won’t let Adams live this down easily. There are already questions about how much of a New Yorker he is. Does he live in Brooklyn or New Jersey? How come we’ve never seen him eat pizza? Does he use a knife or a fork.

Again, this was a dumb mistake and people will have forgotten about it this time next week.

But when you’re Adams and already someone everyone loves to hate? Dumb mistakes like this one just can’t happen.

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