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Move over, Reggie Bars.

Aaron Judge has something else to celebrate aside from his new $340 million contract. The amazing concessions team at Yankee Stadium pooled its collective minds and resources together to name a new hamburger after him.

Dubbed “The 99 Burger,” the sandwich features two wagyu patties with “new school” American cheese, special sauce, and caramelized onions. All for the cool price of $20, according to The Athletic’s Chris Kirschner.

Of course, Kirschner also shared a picture of the meaty burger deliciousness.

Some of the Yankee Stadium staples are also set to return. Lobel’s steak sandwich sometimes draws lines that last upwards of two innings. Marcus Samuelsson’s Streetbird chicken fare is also back. Another fun new addition is buffalo chicken mac-n-cheese served inside a miniature helmet.

But in the meantime, this 99 Burger sounds great. It doesn’t matter that it’s just a fancier version of the chopped cheese sold at the FreshDirect and Toyota Terraces. Aaron Judge is the reigning MVP and just made history with 62 home runs in a season.

In New York, under those circumstances, that means you get your own sandwich. Better yet, the 99 Burger can be eaten in one sitting. That certainly wasn’t the case when Carnegie Deli unveiled the “Mo-Licious,” named after former Mets first baseman Mo Vaughn. Now we just need Cherry Valley to name a sandwich after Rick Pitino.

In the meantime, Yankees fans only need to wait another week until Opening Day and then a lucky 99 will get to enjoy this burger. Maybe Judge will go off again this year and slug 99 home runs to match both the burger and his uniform number.

Unlikely, but the fact remains. $20 for two wagyu patties is a bargain even if nothing comes with them. The Yankees, meanwhile, are offering two patties with cheese, onions, and a condiment.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get to Opening Day a week early.

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