johnny damon
Via TheSavBananas/Twitter

Former Yankees outfielder Johnny Damon accomplished quite a bit during his 18-year MLB career. He played for seven teams and is most known for winning the World Series with the Boston Red Sox in 2004 and New York in 2009. He last suited up for a big-league game in 2012 with Cleveland.

But sometimes, it’s just so hard to say goodbye to yesterday. Nick Swisher can attest to that. So can Dae-Sung Koo. And obviously, you can throw Boyz II Men in the mix, as well.

Damon is certainly a part of this group. Why do we say that? Well, because he made his Savannah Bananas debut this week while the team was in Daytona Beach, Florida for an exhibition game. The former big-league outfielder hit a weak groundout to third base, but he tried to keep things as entertaining as possible:

The Bananas said it themselves in the Twitter thread, but I loved seeing a left-handed third-baseman retire Damon here. As a left-handed thrower myself, I played shortstop/third base in Little League. Well, until a coach pulled me aside and said, “Look, we can’t do that anymore.”

Maybe I’ll have to shake the cobwebs off and join Damon. Eh, never mind.

After looking around on the interwebs, I can’t tell if this is just a one-off appearance for Damon or not. Could it be a regular thing as Savannah travels around to play games? I guess we’ll just have to see.

If you have no idea who the Savannah Bananas are, what Banana Ball is, and why people care, you may not be alone. Their mission is to make baseball more fun, which includes adding nine different rules to the game (you can read about them here). If you’re looking for baseball highlights that’ll make you laugh, follow them wherever you spend time on social media. It’s some good stuff.

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