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Mets closer Edwin Diaz has a lot going for him right now. He’s fresh off a historic campaign out of Buck Showalter’s bullpen that led to a record-breaking contract. His entering games at Citi Field to “Narco” has also caught fire across the league. Heck, it’s so popular he even had to be named the official user of the song.

One person who isn’t necessarily impressed? That’d be former Yankees closer and Hall of Famer, Mariano Rivera.

The right-hander was famous for a few things: being one of the best relievers ever, becoming the first Hall of Famer to garner 100% of the vote, and coming into games with “Enter Sandman” blaring through the Yankee Stadium speakers.

Apparently, there are people trying to compare Rivera’s entrance song to Diaz’s. When asked about it, the five-time World Series champion immediately dismissed it:

Look, I love “Narco” just as much as the next person, but Rivera’s two-sentence reasoning holds up here. And we’re not even talking about the songs themselves.

Mariano Rivera holds the all-time records for games finished (952), saves (652), and ERA+ (205). He also only allowed 13 total runs (11 earned) during his career in the postseason, which spanned 141 innings. It’s not just whether or not “Enter Sandman” is actually a better song than “Narco”. When baseball fans hear it, many think of Rivera, his greatness, and how the game was over before he even reached the mound.

This is a similar conversation to one we had the other day about the Mets wanting to become a global brand. Casual baseball fans from around the world don’t wear Yankee hats just because they think New York City is cool. They wear it because of the Yankees’ reputation as the most successful pro sports franchise ever.

The same thing applies here. Diaz needs to rack up more dominant years with “Narco” blaring through the speakers every time he takes the mound in Flushing. He’s been using it since 2018 while with the Seattle Mariners, so there’s still a long way to go.

Plus, hearing those trumpets will hit differently when there’s a World Series game on the line. Or, better yet, with a chance to clinch a title.

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