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Don’t ask popular Yankees relief pitcher Tommy Kahnle if he’ll be cheering for the Philadelphia Eagles on Super Bowl Sunday. Appearing on CC Sabathia and Ryan Ruocco’s “R2C2” podcast, Kahnle admitted he gave up on the team in 2020.

“It’s crazy. Crazy to believe it,” Kahnle said. “You know, everybody knows who’s been around me forever. I was the biggest, die-hard Eagles fan. As crazy as they are when you see them on TV and videos. YouTube, Twitter, all that stuff.”

Sabathia then called out his former teammate over the plethora of Birds jerseys he kept in his locker. Fortunately for Kahnle, he had an explanation/excuse ready.

“But sadly, I have since 2020 just gone down a downhill path,” he continued. “I’m pretty over it. It all started with the rumblings of the Doug Pederson, Carson Wentz, Howie Roseman. Once that all just kind of blew up, I just said ‘I’m done.’ It’s almost like the last straw on the camel’s back just broke. I was over it. I was done.”

So who is Tommy Kahnle’s football team now? Well, it depends on where the former Eagles coaches are at.

“I like to root for ex-Eagles coaches. So we got Bills, Jags, Chiefs. You got the Ravens. There’s probably a couple more I can’t think of right now, but I like watching those teams.”

It’s too bad Kahnle did the punk move and gave up on the team he loved for years and years. Philadelphia has become a better team since the Wentz/Pederson soap opera. Jalen Hurts might win an MVP trophy on top of a Lombardi. Nick Sirianni was an unknown and uninspired hire who’s now nearly at the top of the mountain. And what about Howie Roseman’s GM gymnastics to rebuild his team so fast?

It doesn’t matter to Kahnle, who’s still clearly hurting.

“I’m over it. Maybe down the road? I’m going to need five, six, maybe seven more years. I don’t even know,” he said.

It’s just as well, though. Now that Tommy Kahnle is back in pinstripes, supporting the City of Brotherly Love in any form just won’t do. Big Apple or bust.

Maybe a few dinners with Brian Daboll and Robert Saleh will get him on either the Giants or Jets trains. Either way, if the Eagles win on Sunday, don’t expect Tommy Kahnle to celebrate.

And since he gave up on his once-beloved Eagles, maybe he shouldn’t!

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