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Mark Teixeira and Brian McCann just gave us a long-anticipated (and, honestly, better) sequel to Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich.

A brief recap: In 1973, Peterson and Kekich were both Yankees pitchers and close friends when they swapped wives, children, and even pets in spring training. Peterson and Suzanne Kekich are still together to this day. Kekich and Marilyn Peterson, sadly, split shortly after the swap.

And now, the sequel. Teixeira and McCann recently became stepbrothers, according to’s Bryan Hoch. McCann offered him more about the wedding:

This news isn’t actually that much of a surprise. Scott Miller of The New York Times, then with Bleacher Report, met McCann’s mother Sherry while both were in line at an airport during the 2017 World Series. They got to talking and she told Miller she and John Teixeira were getting married.

Cue all of the questions. What does Tex think about McCann cheating his way to a World Series with the Astros? How does he feel about easily being the Will Ferrell to McCann’s clear John C. Reilly vibe? Have they golfed together followed by swigging Chablis at the Catalina Wine Mixer?

And when does Prestige Hitting Worldwide launch, preferably without destroying a boat?

Jokes aside, this is really just a fun and wholesome story. McCann and Teixeira were teammates for three years and are now literally family. There aren’t too many baseball stories like theirs.

In the meantime, here’s to more golf trips, reminiscing about life on the field, and treehouse hangs. Now, we just need an actual photo shoot of them in said treehouse wearing Chewbacca masks. Or how about their own boat-themed music video?

Most important of all, for both men: Touch the other guy’s drum set and you will get stabbed. In the neck. With a knife.

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