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Start spreading the news if you haven’t already, folks. Outfielder Aaron Judge decided to stay with the Yankees after all. All it took was one final chat with team owner Hal Steinbrenner, along with an extra year and $40 million on New York’s contract offer.

As the baseball world waited to see what the slugger and 2022 AL MVP Award winner wanted to do, there were some laughs along the way.

According to reports, New York’s offer to Judge was for eight years and $320 million as recently as Tuesday afternoon. Then, of course, news leaked of an offer from the San Francisco Giants, which was in the neighborhood of $360 million.

Not long after that news surfaced, Jon Heyman of the New York Post dropped what we thought was an absolute bomb…for about seven minutes. He also gave us the kind of typo that will live on the internet forever:

Heyman is known for having typos in some of his most important tweets. This is definitely an all-timer, though. I mean, it immediately became a meme sensation that quickly turned into a t-shirt:

Not to be outdone by his fellow MLB insider, USA Today‘s Bob Nightengale joined in on the fun. He didn’t exactly make a typo, but it was the kind of folly that’ll definitely make you chuckle and say, “Oh, Bob’s at it again.”

Here’s what he said:

Just a classic move from Nightengale, who has provided us with some legendary Twitter missteps over the years.

Judge and the Yankees finally agreeing on terms to a new contract moved these things out of the spotlight on Wednesday morning. But as we all know, the internet never forgets. That’ll especially be the case with Heyman’s “Arson Judge” bit.

Looking ahead to next season, Opening Day won’t be nearly as awkward as some might’ve thought it was going to be. New York will be hosting the Giants in the Bronx. If there are no Arson Judge shirts/jerseys in attendance, then I’ll be sorely disappointed.

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