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New York against the new CBA?

We’re all thrilled that Major League Baseball and the Players were able to come to an agreement on a historic new Collective Bargaining agreement.

Finally, baseball is back!

The Players executive committee saw the vote from the team reps overwhelmingly in favor. The executive council, however, voted 8-0 against the new CBA.

Now, we’re seeing reports that four teams voted against the new deal.

And… both New York teams were not in favor.

What the heck?

Actually, it makes sense for the Mets (read: Steve Cohen) to vote against the new deal. Part of the new CBA is an additional fourth tier in the penalties for exceeding the CBT — which has been lovingly referred to as the Steve Cohen Tax.

And both Max Scherzer and Francisco Lindor were involved in the negotiations and on the executive committee.

Spending way over the cap isn’t good. And that’s something the Yankees have historically had no problem doing. And, based on this winter’s start, the Mets may be playing in that sand box as well.

It is interesting to see the Astros and Cardinals against it as well. But it isn’t a great look for our city to see the Mets and Yankees among the four teams to vote against the new deal.

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