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The Avalanche are still the league’s best team, but the competition isn’t far behind.

Believe it or not, we’re about just two weeks away from the NHL trade deadline. Several teams are getting ready to sell while others can’t wait to get some help.

The Seattle Kraken are hitting new lows and have become the worst team in the NHL while the Colorado Avalanche remain on top with the Carolina Hurricanes not far behind.

Without further ado, let’s see what our power rankings look at after Week 20.

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32. Seattle Kraken

Week 20: 1-2-0, 8 GF, 11 GA (Opponents: NSH, WSH, CAR)
Previous Ranking: 30

After dropping two of three in Week 20 while their competition, the Arizona Coyotes and Montreal Candiens, did some winning, the Kraken are our new 32.

31. Arizona Coyotes

Week 20: 2-0-0, 10 GF, 6 GA (Opponents: COL, OTT)
Previous Ranking: 32

Nick Schmaltz’s seven (!) points against the Ottawa Senators were the most ever recorded by a Coyote in a single game.

30. Montreal Canadiens

Week 20: 2-1-0, 14 GF, 14 GA (Opponents: WPG, CGY, EDM)
Previous Ranking: 31

Martin St. Louis is helping struggling players turn things around ahead of the trade deadline.

29. Buffalo Sabres

Week 20: 2-1-0, 10 GF, 8 GA (Opponents: TOR, MIN, LAK)
Previous Ranking: 29

There’s a chance that the Sabres could become the youngest team in the NHL at the deadline.

28. Ottawa Senators

Week 20: 0-4-0, 8 GF, 18 GA (Opponents: TBL, FLA, ARI, VGK)
Previous Ranking: 25

This was Ottawa’s ugliest week in quite sometime. They’ve now lost five in a row, aren’t doing much scoring, and are having trouble keeping pucks out of their own net.

27. Philadelphia Flyers

Week 20: 1-2-0, 8 GF, 11 GA (Opponents: EDM, MIN, CHI)
Previous Ranking: 27

Another key Flyer, Kevin Hayes, has returned to the lineup after a lengthy absence.

26. New Jersey Devils

Week 20: 2-2-0, 14 GF, 11 GA (Opponents: VAN, CBJ, NYR, STL)
Previous Ranking: 28

The Devils would be foolish to trade star winger Jesper Bratt, but if they can get a great return for him…

25. Chicago Blackhawks

Week 20: 1-2-0, 10 GF, 13 GA (Opponents: EDM, PHI, TBL)
Previous Ranking: 26

A blown lead to the Tampa Bay Lightning, which included giving up three goals in 32 seconds, sums up Chicago’s season quite well.

24. New York Islanders

Week 20: 1-2-0, 8 GF, 10 GA (Opponents: COL, VAN, STL)
Previous Ranking: 23

On Sunday, the Islanders celebrated the great Zdeno Chára for playing in the most games ever by an NHL defenseman.

23. Detroit Red Wings

Week 20: 1-2-0, 7 GF, 12 GA (Opponents: CAR, TBL, FLA)
Previous Ranking: 24

Few teams have had such a tough schedule recently as the Red Wings.

22. San Jose Sharks

Week 20: 0-2-1, 3 GF, 14 GA (Opponents: VGK, NSH, ANA)
Previous Ranking: 22

This was quite the week for the Sharks, and not in a good way. They lost all three of their games, scoring just three while giving up 14. Oh, my…

21. Winnipeg Jets

Week 20: 1-1-1, 12 GF, 12 GA (Opponents: MTL, DAL, NYR)
Previous Ranking: 21

Inconsistent play is keeping the Jets further out of the race and the playoffs aren’t looking too likely anymore.

20. Columbus Blue Jackets

Week 20: 1-0-2, 11 GF, 12 GA (Opponents: NJD, LAK, BOS)
Previous Ranking: 20

On Saturday, the Blue Jackets retired the number of their greatest-ever player, Rick Nash.

19. Vancouver Canucks

Week 20: 2-1-0, 12 GF, 14 GA (Opponents: NJD, NYI, TOR)
Previous Ranking: 18

The Canucks are on a roll and their steady play as of late has them seriously back in the playoff conversation.

18. Anaheim Ducks

Week 20: 2-1-0, 11 GF, 10 GA (Opponents: BOS, VGK, SJS)
Previous Ranking: 19

Apparently the Ducks are looking to re-sign a bunch of their pending UFA, but if they receive good offers, it’ll be hard to say no.

17. Edmonton Oilers

Week 20: 1-1-1, 8 GF, 9 GA (Opponents: PHI, CHI, MTL)
Previous Ranking: 17

Weeks like this expose the true nature of the Oilers. They faced three of the absolute worst teams in hockey and came away with just one win.

16. Nashville Predators

Week 20: 1-1-0, 11 GF, 4 GA (Opponents: SEA, SJS)
Previous Ranking: 14

The one thing on everyone’s mind is whether Filip Forsberg will be extended or traded at the deadline.

15. Vegas Golden Knights

Week 20: 3-1-0, 12 GF, 11 (Opponents: SJS, BOS, ANA, OTT)
Previous Ranking: 13

Superstar Jack Eichel scored a game-winning goal for the Knights, who are looking to keep things rolling as a tight playoff race gets even tighter.

14. Los Angeles Kings

Week 20: 2-2-0, 10 GF, 14 GA (Opponents: BOS, DAL, CBJ, BUF)
Previous Ranking: 12

Andreas Athanasiou scored the 100th goal of his career on Sunday against the Sabres.

13. Washington Capitals

Week 20: 2-1-0, 12 GF, 7 GA (Opponents: TOR, CAR, SEA)
Previous Ranking: 15

The Capitals will use this two-win week as fuel to turn their season back around.

12. Dallas Stars

Week 20: 3-0-0, 14 GF, 9 GA (Opponents: LAK, WPG, MIN)
Previous Ranking: 16

The Stars are catching fire just as the St. Louis Blues and Minnesota Wild find themselves in slumps. Could this be Dallas’ ticket to the playoffs?

11. Minnesota Wild

Week 20: 1-3-0, 13 GF, 20 GA (Opponents: CGY, PHI, BUF, DAL)
Previous Ranking: 10

The Wild, who have won just two of their last 10, continue to struggle and drop points at a bad time.

10. St. Louis Blues

Week 20: 0-2-1, 6 GF, 10 GA (Opponents: NYR, NYI, NJD)
Previous Ranking: 7

A winless week 20 for the Blues and a trip to New York to forget.

9. Boston Bruins

Week 20: 3-1-0, 20 GF, 10 GA (Opponents: LAK, ANA, VGK, CBJ)
Previous Ranking: 11

Jeremy Swayman deserves a lot of love for the season he’s having in net, especially lately.

8. Toronto Maple Leafs

Week 20: 1-2-0, 10 GF, 14 GA (Opponents: WSH, BUF, VAN)
Previous Ranking: 5

Jack Campbell has gone from being the best goalie in the NHL at the beginning of the season to a liability in net.

7. Calgary Flames

Week 20: 2-0-1, 13 GF, 9 GA (Opponents: MIN, MTL, COL)
Previous Ranking: 9

Calgary’s ability to beat anyone anywhere makes them a true force to be reckoned with.

6. Pittsburgh Penguins

Week 20: 1-0-1, 7 GF, 4 GA (Opponents: TBL, CAR)
Previous Ranking: 6

The Penguins are on a four-game point-streak, but a terrible blown lead that resulted in an overtime loss to the Carolina Hurricanes saw the Hurricanes take a significant division lead.

5. New York Rangers

Week 20: 3-0-0, 12 GF, 5 GA (Opponents: STL, NJD, WPG)
Previous Ranking: 8

Something something, Igor Shesterkin for the Hart Trophy, something something.

4. Florida Panthers

Week 20: 2-0-0, 9 GF, 2 GA (Opponents: OTT, DET)
Previous Ranking: 4

Uncharacteristically poor Week 19? No problem. The Panthers followed it up with a superb Week 20. This is why they’re one of the best.

3. Tampa Bay Lightning

Week 20: 3-1-0, 15 GF, 11 GA (Opponents: OTT, PIT, DET, CHI)
Previous Ranking: 3

There’s a lot of talk about the Lightning struggling against the league’s top teams, but for now, they’re getting points and that’s enough.

2. Carolina Hurricanes

Week 20: 2-1-1, 9 GF, 12 GA (Opponents: DET, WSH, PIT, SEA)
Previous Ranking: 2

Martin Necas ended his egregious scoring drought against Seattle and the hope is that this can get him going.

1. Colorado Avalanche

Week 20: 1-1-1, 9 GF, 9 GA (Opponents: NYI, ARI, CGY)
Previous Ranking: 1

Claude Giroux to the Avalanche seems likely, but an even more intriguing name seems to be on their mind: Patrick Kane.

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