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The Panthers still reign supreme, but the race at the top is getting tight.

Leen Amin

With each passing week, we get closer and closer to the NHL playoffs. Teams at the bottom are almost completely unlikely to make it, while the best teams are fighting for top spots in their divisions.

COVID outbreaks have caused multiple league-wide stoppages in play and the hope is that every team’s schedule will resume normally.

The teams that have been affected the worst now must get into a groove and adapt to playing more frequently in order to make up ground.

With that being said, what do our Week 13 power rankings look like?

32. Montreal Canadiens

Week 13: 0-1-1, 3 GF, 8 GA (Opponents: BOS, CHI)
Previous Ranking: 31

The Canadiens have played themselves into last place. Their playmaking continues to be practically nonexistent and, as a result, the team is incapable of scoring goals.

31. Arizona Coyotes

Week 13: 1-1-1, 5 GF, 9 GA (Opponents: TOR, COL x2)
Previous Ranking: 32

Shayne Gostisbehere has been one of the very few shining stars on what’s been the worst team in the league for most of the season.

30. Seattle Kraken

Week 13: 0-4-0, 7 GF, 14 GA (Opponents: COL, DAL, STL, LAK)
Previous Ranking: 29

The Kraken are on a league-worst nine-game losing streak and have firmly established themselves as one of the worst teams in the league. Trading captain Mark Giordano might be the right thing to do.

29. Buffalo Sabres

Week 13: 1-2-0, 5 GF, 11 GA (Opponents: TBL, NSH, DET)
Previous Ranking: 28

The Sabres are suffering from a combination of issues: they’re failing to remain healthy and to play a complete game each night.

28. Ottawa Senators

Week 13: 2-0-0, 10 GF, 5 GA (Opponents: CGY, EDM)
Previous Ranking: 30

Playing one game since mid-December apparently did the Senators some good. The offense showed off this week and the defense stood tall against two high-scoring teams.

27. Philadelphia Flyers

Week 13: 0-2-0, 4 GF, 6 GA (Opponents: BOS, NYR)
Previous Ranking: 25

The Flyers are back to losing. They’ve now dropped seven in a row and the fact that Keith Yandle is one of the worst defensemen in the league definitely doesn’t help.

26. New Jersey Devils

Week 13: 0-1-0, 3 GF, 2 GA (Opponent: NYI)
Previous Ranking: 24

With the Devils already practically out of the playoff race, the continued development of the youngsters should be the team’s number one priority.

25. Chicago Blackhawks

Week 13: 3-0-0, 10 GF, 4 GA (Opponents: CBJ, MTL, ANA)
Previous Ranking: 27

Patrick Kane and the Blackhawks are finally heating up. They’ve won four in a row and have their sights set on the playoffs.

24. New York Islanders

Week 13: 1-1-0, 3 GF, 4 GA (Opponents: NJD, WSH)
Previous Ranking: 26

Here’s to hoping the Islanders no longer have any schedule interruptions as they look to finally get going.

23. Vancouver Canucks

Week 13: 1-3-0, 9 GF, 15 GA (Opponents: FLA, TBL, CAR, WSH)
Previous Ranking: 21

The Canucks had a tough week against four formidable opponents after having 10 days off.

22. Columbus Blue Jackets

Week 13: 1-2-0, 10 GF, 13 GA (Opponents: CHI, CAR, FLA)
Previous Ranking: 23

The Blue Jackets followed up an incredible six-goal shutout of the lethal Carolina Hurricanes with an embarrassing 9-2 loss to the Florida Panthers to close out the week.

21. Detroit Red Wings

Week 13: 1-1-1, 6 GF, 6 GA (Opponents: SJS, WPG, BUF)
Previous Ranking: 22

Alex Nedeljkovic earned his first shutout as a Red Wing in Detroit’s big win over the Buffalo Sabres.

20. Edmonton Oilers

Week 13: 0-1-0, 4 GF, 6 GA (Opponent: OTT)
Previous Ranking: 20

The Oilers have now lost six games in a row. The Oilers are always gonna Oiler.

19. Dallas Stars

Week 13: 1-2-0, 7 GF, 12 GA (Opponents: SEA, FLA, TBL)
Previous Ranking: 18

It looks like John Klingberg won’t be a Star for much longer. Will Dallas be able to get some much-needed offense in exchange for the highly-touted defenseman?

18. San Jose Sharks

Week 13: 1-1-1, 4 GF, 7 GA (Opponents: DET, NYR, PIT)
Previous Ranking: 17

San Jose’s power play getting nothing done is hindering this talented offense.

17. Anaheim Ducks

Week 13: 0-3-0, 4 GF, 14 GA (Opponents: PIT, MIN, CHI)
Previous Ranking: 15

Anaheim’s offense cooling down and usually very good defense not getting it done couldn’t be happening at a worse time.

16. Winnipeg Jets

Week 13: 1-0-0, 3 GF, 0 GA (Opponent: DET)
Previous Ranking: 19

COVID issues didn’t stop the Jets from playing a near-perfect game against the Red Wings this week.

15. Calgary Flames

Week 13: 0-2-0, 4 GF, 10 GA (Opponents: CAR, OTT)
Previous Ranking: 14

The best defensive team in the league early on is now struggling mightily in its own zone.

14. Los Angeles Kings

Week 13: 3-0-0, 12 GF, 4 GA (Opponents: NYR, PIT, SEA)
Previous Ranking: 16

The Kings are on an unlikely four-game winning streak and the playoffs are becoming a serious possibility.

13. Vegas Golden Knights

Week 13: 0-0-1, 3 GF, 4 GA (Opponent: TOR)
Previous Ranking: 12

The Golden Knights are finally getting healthy, and at the right time.

12. St. Louis Blues

Week 13: 1-1-0, 7 GF, 7 GA (Opponents: SEA, TOR)
Previous Ranking: 9

The Blues’ roster is currently very depleted, but the team should get back to its winning ways soon.

11. Boston Bruins

Week 13: 4-0-0, 19 GF, 9 GA (Opponents: WSH, MTL, PHI, NSH)
Previous Ranking: 13

Defenseman Urho Vaakanainen is making a name for himself during Boston’s fantastic stretch.

10. Washington Capitals

Week 13: 1-2-0, 7 GF, 11 GA (Opponents: BOS, NYI, VAN)
Previous Ranking: 7

The Capitals suffered a big blow on Sunday morning: top defenseman John Carlson- one of the best defensemen in the league this season- has entered COVID protocol.

9. Nashville Predators

Week 13: 1-1-1, 9 GF, 12 GA (Opponents: COL, BUF, BOS)
Previous Ranking: 8

One of several Predators to step up this season has been undrafted rookie Tanner Jeannot, a key scorer and play-driver in the team’s bottom-six.

8. Minnesota Wild

Week 13: 1-0-0, 7 GF, 3 GA (Opponent: ANA)
Previous Ranking: 10

The Wild played just one game this week, but looked good. The offense did what it does best, putting seven past a Ducks defense with a good reputation.

7. Pittsburgh Penguins

Week 13: 2-1-0, 8 GF, 8 GA (Opponents: ANA, LAK, SJS)
Previous Ranking: 11

The Penguins have another added bonus: goaltender Louis Domingue was spectacular in his Penguins debut against the Sharks.

6. New York Rangers

Week 13: 2-1-0, 7 GF, 5 GA (Opponents: LAK, SJS, PHI)
Previous Ranking: 4

The Rangers were able to keep winning this week despite their pretty serious COVID issues.

5. Toronto Maple Leafs

Week 13: 2-1-0, 11 GF, 10 GA (Opponents: VGK, ARI, STL)
Previous Ranking: 3

Auston Matthews set the franchise record for scoring in nine-straight road games and is on pace to score 60 goals this season.

4. Colorado Avalanche

Week 13: 3-0-1, 17 GF, 11 GA (Opponents: SEA, NSH, ARI x2)
Previous Ranking: 6

Nathan MacKinnon is right. It’s silly that Nazem Kadri didn’t make the All-Star Game. He now has 49 points in 32 games and isn’t cooling down.

3. Carolina Hurricanes

Week 13: 1-1-0, 4 GF, 7 GA (Opponents: CBJ, VAN)
Previous Ranking: 2

The Hurricanes suffered a brutal 6-0 loss to the Blue Jackets, but bounced back against Vancouver and remain one of the absolute best teams in the league.

2. Tampa Bay Lightning

Week 13: 3-0-0, 13 GF, 4 GA (Opponents: BUF, VAN, DAL)
Previous Ranking: 5

It took a while for Tampa’s depth players to really shine, but this new third line is now looking like the best in the league.

1. Florida Panthers

Week 13: 3-0-0, 21 GF, 5 GA (Opponents: VAN, DAL, CBJ)
Previous Ranking: 1

The Panthers are officially back to normal. The offense, in particular, has been unreal. The Panthers scored five in their first game this week, then seven in the second, and topped it off with nine to finish things off.

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