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The Yankees and Mets added a couple minor leaguers.

The Minor League portion of the Rule 5 Draft took place as scheduled on Wednesday. The Major League portion did not because of the lockout.

In the minor league portion of the Rule 5 Draft, players not protected on the 38-man Triple-A roster of each organization would be exposed.

For 2021, that group includes international and high school draft picks signed in 2017 (assuming the player was 18 or younger as of June 8 of that year). College players drafted in 2018 were also eligible for this year’s Rule 5 Draft.

If a team selects a player in the Minor League phase, it pays $24,500 to the original team. The selecting team can then send its new player to any level in its system it chooses.

The New York Yankees made two selections and lost one player. The New York Mets also made two selections and lost two players.

New York Yankees

  • Round One: Steven Jennings, RHP (Pirates)
  • Round Two: Manny Ramirez, RHP (Astros)

The Yankees lost RHP Brian Keller to the Red Sox in the second round.

New York Mets

  • Round One: Alex Valverde, RHP (Rays)
  • Round Two: Carlos Ocampo, RHP (Cubs)

The Mets lost RHPs Allan Winans and Tommy Wilson to the Braves and Mariners, respectively, in the second round.

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