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It’s another B1G weekend for the College Football Playoff

The College Football Playoff is starting to take shape as we approach the last week of the regular season. Will there be any more movement among the top four or is this the group? Let’s take a look at ESNY’s top 10 rankings, which mirrors part of the College Football Playoff rankings.

Here are three games we’re arranging our schedules to watch this coming weekend:

#6 Michigan @ #3 Ohio State — Ohio State smells blood in the water after smoking Michigan State. Can Jim Harbaugh beat the Buckeyes for the first time in his coaching career?

#2 Alabama @ Auburn — It’s the Iron Bowl. Nuff said.

#7 Oklahoma State vs. Oklahoma — Neither of these teams have a chance at making the College Football Playoff, but this is the best Big 12 game of the weekend.

1. Georgia (11-0)

Georgia continues to bludgeon anyone in their way. Georgia Tech has no chance at slowing down Kirby Smart and this beast of a college football team.

Next Game: @ Georgia Tech — 12:00 PM EST

2. Alabama (10-1)

It’s all set up nicely for another Alabama-Georgia SEC Championship. Even with a loss to Georgia, Bama probably still has a strong enough resumé to make the College Football Playoff. However, we know crazy things tend to happen in the Iron Bowl. Don’t forget about those Auburn Tigers yet.

Next Game: @ Auburn — 3:30 PM

3. Ohio State (10-1)

Ohio State made the statement of the year in their absolute drubbing of Michigan State last weekend. Despite that early loss to Oregon, the Buckeyes appear to be peaking at the right time. A rivalry game against Michigan presents a potential problem, but they are favored by more than a touchdown in this one.

Next Game: vs. #5 Michigan — Noon

4. Cincinnati (11-0)

Yes, ESNY’s college football rankings aren’t all that sexy this week. The top four mirror the College Football Playoff. But it’s impossible to deny that these are the four best teams in college football — right now.

Next Game:

5. Notre Dame (10-1)

Notre Dame is on the outside looking in at the College Football Playoff at the moment and it’s likely to stay that way. Without a conference championship game and only Stanford left on the schedule, the Fightin’ Irish don’t have another opportunity to impress the committee and they already have a loss to Cincinnati on their record. They are praying for chaos.

Next Game: @ Stanford — 8:00 PM

6. Michigan (10-1)

Michigan is trying to avoid the same fate as Michigan State last weekend. Ohio State looks like a wagon and Jim Harbaugh has never beaten Ohio State in five opportunities. On the bright side, a win would catapult the Wolverines ahead in the College Football Playoff conversation.

Next Game: @ #3 Ohio State — Noon

7. Oklahoma State (10-1)

The Cowboys are the top team in what is a down year for the Big 12. They will need to win out and get a ton of help in order to squeak into the College Football Playoff. It’s unlikely but possible.

Next Game: vs. Oklahoma — 7:30 PM

8. Ole Miss (9-2)

Ole Miss has losses to Alabama and Auburn on their resumé likely knocking them out of contention for the College Football Playoff entirely. With that said, Lane Kiffin is leading the Rebels to a hell of a season in the SEC.

Next Game: Thanksgiving @ Mississippi State — 7:30 PM

9. Baylor (9-2)

Baylor has one more loss than Oklahoma, but they beat the Sooners. Can’t have the Sooners over the Bears after that. Baylor is another two-loss team that has no chance at making the College Football Playoff.

Next Game: vs. Texas Tech — Noon

10. Oregon (9-2)

Oregon gets the nod as our 10th team over one-loss Oklahoma and a few other two-loss teams. The fact that they beat Ohio State puts them over the rest of the field. That is one of the most impressive wins for any team in the country.

Next Game: vs. Oregon State — 3:30 PM

Just Missed: Oklahoma (10-1), Michigan State (9-2), BYU (9-2)

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