Lance Lynn White Sox
Courtesy Twitter: @whitesox

The White Sox will look crisp in their throwback jerseys in the corn fields of Iowa next week.

Tab Bamford

On Thursday morning, the Chicago White Sox tweeted images of a few players in the uniforms they’ll wear against the New York Yankees next week when the two teams battle in the middle of a corn field in Dyersville, Iowa.

The Field of Dreams game had to be rescheduled because of the pandemic last year, but the two teams will play on the nostalgic field where the movie was filmed.

The Yankees will also wear throwback jerseys.

The game will air on FOX at 7 PM ET on Thursday, Aug. 12.

Chicago broke out similar jerseys for their first throwback game back in July of 1990 — when Sammy Sosa was still playing outfield on the South Side of Chicago.

The jerseys are in line with what the players wore who emerged from the corn in the movie. Of course, that was a dark era in White Sox history; the Black Sox scandal has kept “Shoeless Joe” Jackson out of the National Baseball Hall of Fame since.