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Former big league slugger claims extraterrestrials don’t care for the former Yankees star. 

Tab Bamford

Sometimes you log into Twitter for the day hoping for rational conversation. Sometimes you’re looking for information or news. And, sometimes, you just need a good laugh.

Thursday, José Canseco was spitting fire.

Canseco, the former American League MVP who has spent his retired years calling out cheaters and signing autographs in Las Vegas, really, really doesn’t like Alex Rodriguez.

In fact, he regularly will put A-Rod on blast without warning or provocation. He enjoyed A-Rod’s breakup with JLo and has called out A-Rod on multiple occasions for any number of reasons.

Now, Canseco claims visitors from another planet don’t care for A-Rod, either.

I mean…

First, what the hell is “clateau barata nicto?” When considering the source — Canseco’s tweet — we went to the most appropriate source for a definition: Wikipedia.

The Robot Hall of Fame describes the phrase ‘Klaatu barada nikto’ as ‘one of the most famous commands in science fiction’ and Frederick S. Clarke of Cinefantastique called it ‘the most famous phrase ever spoken by an extraterrestrial.'”

I guess we give Canseco marks for going high-brow with a reference to The Day the Earth Stood Still?

Fans can now sit back and wait for aliens to confirm this report. We’ve seen insiders cite sources far too often that didn’t work out to believe this at face value, but perhaps an entity will step up to back up Canseco’s claims that… aliens hate A-Rod.