Aaron Boone
Frank Franklin II/AP Photo

The New York Yankees skipper has some opinions about his team’s All-Star Game duds.

The New York Yankees will wear specific jerseys for this year’s All-Star Game, and the new look was unveiled this week.

Sure enough, the caps and jerseys have drawn criticism from an unlikely source: Yankees manager Aaron Boone. Team reporter Justin Shackil revealed some shocking news on Saturday afternoon:

His impressive ejection track record aside, Aaron Boone isn’t usually one to cause controversy. Uniforms are uniforms, plain and simple. It’s what teams wear regardless of anyone’s opinion of them, the players’ included.

Yet, Boonie is 100% right here. These are jerseys and caps I’d expect to find on the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant’s softball team. Except, you know, if Mr. Burns actually paid decent money for decent uniforms and not just glorified silk-screened sandpaper.

Plus, who cares what Aaron Boone thinks? These uniforms are worn for basically everything except, shocker, THE ACTUAL MLB ALL-STAR GAME.

If Aaron Judge is down to look like MLB’s favorite J.Crew model, that’s his prerogative. Who are we to say what looks good if he’s feeling himself?

It’s just that Boone is clearly more of an Old Navy dude, and that’s okay too. Thankfully, he won’t even have to wear these since he won’t be managing the Midsummer Classic.

Not this year, at least.

Josh Benjamin is a Bronx native who lives and breathes the New York Yankees despite being born into a family full of Mets fans. He is the MLB Editor at RealSport and considers himself a student of the game. When not writing, he can be found either at Yankee Stadium or deep in discussion with his fellow sports nuts.