Mike Ford
(AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

Mike Ford is heading to the rival Tampa Bay Rays, and will certainly be back to haunt his former team.

Earlier this week, the New York Yankees designated first baseman Mike Ford for assignment. On Thursday, the Yankees found him a new home — Tamp Bay.

It’s interesting that the Yankees would make a deal with the team they’re chasing in the American League East right now, and fans on social media were shook by the news that Ford was heading to a rival.

The fact that the Rays are interested in Ford is terrifying.

They are the smartest organization in Major League Baseball. They have consistently maximized the potential of their roster for years through the use of analytics. And the last time the they grabbed a first baseman from the Yankees, it was Ji-Man Choi; since then, Choi has posted a .259/.365/.462 slash line with the Rays.

Basically, if the Rays are interested in Ford, it means they have an idea on how to maximize his abilities.

And facing off against Ji-Man Choi 2.0 is not high on Yankee fans’ list of things to do.

Unfortunately, the Yankees didn’t have many options after designating Ford for assignment this week. Had they not accepted this trade, the Rays could have swooped in and signed Ford anyway.

And there was no way for the team to keep Ford on the major league roster. Especially considering how poorly Ford has played thus far in the 2021 season.

So, Mike Ford now resides in the Rays organization. While he won’t start off with the big league club, there’s little doubt he will contribute at some point.

And now, all Yankee fans can do is hope that when that time comes, the team is nowhere to be found on the Rays schedule. Because the last thing the Yankees need is to find out that Mike Ford has a knack for hitting against Gerrit Cole the way his predecessor Ji-Man Choi does.

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