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One MLB analyst is apologizing for accusing the Yankees and Aaron Judge, among others, of rampant cheating without any proof.

What a wild ride it’s been for MLB over the last 48 hours. First, MLB analyst Ryan M. Spaeder spills the beans on a ton of cheating scandals involving the New York Yankees, Aaron Judge, and others. Now, he’s apologizing for making “unfounded allegations” and vows to “stick to stats.”

The stories took a life of their own after Spaeder tweeted out several allegations aimed at some of the biggest teams and names in the MLB. The accusations aimed at the Yankees and Judge caught the attention of plenty of New Yorkers, but these wild claims were not confined to the Bronx.

Spaeder called out Adrian Beltre and referred to Chase Utley as “the biggest cheater of all time.” He even went as far as to insinuate that the 2015 Kansas City Royals cheated to win the World Series.

Anytime someone makes major accusations like this, it’s a good idea to make sure there is proof. If not, this happens.

Apparently, Spaeder is a statistics guy who felt the need to jump into the murky waters of MLB’s ongoing cheating scandals, which have been going on for as long as people have played baseball.

The latest cheating allegations involve pitchers using outside substances for a better grip on the baseball, but the Astros sign-stealing scandal is still fresh in the minds of baseball fans everywhere. Heck, the days of ballplayers testifying in front of Congress because of steroids are not that far in the past.

There is so much gray area in baseball when it comes to cheating. If you are planning on accusing someone of it in black and white, come with proof.

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