CC Sabathia
(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

There is no doubt that CC Sabathia is a Yankee for life. And even though he’s no longer part of the team, he’s still protecting his catcher.

You don’t want to go after teammates of CC Sabathia. Ask the Tampa Bay Rays about how that turns out. But clearly, some New York Yankees fans didn’t get that message.

Over the weekend, Gary Sanchez posted a picture on Instagram with the caption “#iamstillgary”. And since some Yankee fans just refuse to give Sanchez credit for anything and blame him for everything that’s gone wrong with the team since 2009, they tried to bully him in the comments section.

But no Gary Sanchez slander is tolerated on CC Sabathia’s watch.

Even in retirement, Sabathia is repping the pinstripes like he’s still on the roster. And obviously he’s not afraid to let some colorful language fly in defense of his former teammates.

The best part is that Gary Sanchez is one of the few things going right for the Yankees this year. He’s one of only five players with an above average OPS+ this season, sitting at 111. And over his last 15 games, he’s slashing .313/.377/.563 for an OPS of .940.

So it makes absolutely zero sense to be attacking Sanchez on his own Instagram post. The only people who think Sanchez is a problem for the Yankees this year are the fake fans that Sabathia is calling out in these comments. Because if these “fans” were actually watching the games, they’d realize that Gary Sanchez is having a resurgent series that could see him in the conversation for an all-star selection again.

So yea, CC Sabathia is going to take exception to any unfair Gary Sanchez slander from fake fans that have no idea what it takes to succeed in Major League Baseball.

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