Clint Frazier
AP Photo/Kathy Willens

Jomboy, the king of New York Yankees Twitter took a look at Clint Frazier’s ejection from Wednesday night’s game. What did he find?

The New York Yankees beat the Tampa Bay Rays 1-0 on Wednesday night, but Gerrit Cole’s stellar performance wasn’t the only story of the game. Clint Frazier was swiftly ejected for arguing a called third strike even though he wasn’t visibly angry, and everyone was confused.

Sure enough, Yankees social media star James O’Brien, also known as Jomboy, took to his YouTube page and offered one of his signature breakdowns. What did his review find? Well, to be honest, not much.

Jomboy raises some good points. Camera angles prevent us from truly getting a good look at what Frazier is saying. Regardless of what he said to Bill Miller, but it was a quick hook nonetheless. Frazier didn’t even bother to argue getting tossed either!

It’s also worth noting that, in this particular case, Jomboy pointed out the called strike was a good call. Even Statcast agreed, so is there really anything to take away from this ejection at all?

It was a confusing breakdown, but nonetheless confirmed what we’ve always known. When it comes to ejections, Jomboy’s still the go-to guy.

Josh Benjamin is a Bronx native who lives and breathes the New York Yankees despite being born into a family full of Mets fans. He is the MLB Editor at RealSport and considers himself a student of the game. When not writing, he can be found either at Yankee Stadium or deep in discussion with his fellow sports nuts.