Yankee Stadium
(Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

As fans return to Yankee Stadium, we took took a trip to the Bronx to offer some tips on enjoying a game this summer!

With all the Guidelines that have been put into place to attend sporting events, going to a Yankee game can seem intimidating at first.

Yet after attending one with a friend of mine, I’ve compiled a list of things to keep in mind when going to the park so that your entry is smooth, making the game far more enjoyable!

1. Make sure your test or vaccine is within the timeframe for entry

In order to attend a game patrons need a negative PCR test result within 72 hours of the start of the game, or a negative rapid test result within 6 hours of the start of the game.

If you have been vaccinated, the final dose has to be more than two weeks before the day of the game.

These guidelines only apply for games until May 21st, 2021

“For Games beginning, Friday, May 21, and pursuant to New York State and Department of Health Guidelines, COVID-19 testing, and proof of full COVID-19 vaccination will no longer be required for entry into Yankee Stadium. More information will be announced at a later date.”

You can find more information here.

2. Keep a picture of your vaccine card on your phone 

If you are indeed fully vaccinated, don’t risk losing your vaccine card!

Yankee Stadium accepts pictures of the card for verification!

3. Have a photo ID ready with your test/vaccination card

Yankee Stadium attendants will be asked to present a photo ID alongside their proof of COVID testing or Vaccination so have it ready to prevent delays.


This has been a rule for a while but many people seem to forget it.

Yankee Stadium is not allowing anyone in with a backpack.

Furthermore, check online to make sure the size of your bag is under the limit.

6. Leave your cash at home

The park has gone cashless this season as a way to minimize exposure between attendants and patrons. There are kiosks that you may deposit cash into for a prepaid gift card but you cannot pay anywhere in the park.

Yankee Stadium accepts apple pay as well as mobile ordering through Uber Eats.

Just put your location as Yankee Stadium and it will give you a pickup location.

7. Make sure to wear your mask when not eating (above your nose)

I have seen countless people called out by staff members for not correctly wearing their masks or not wearing their masks at all.

Save yourself the embarrassment and just wear your mask, it’s not for you it’s for other people.

8. Skip the line and bring a bottle of water!

Each Yankee Stadium patron is allowed to bring one unopened water bottle 20 oz or less as well as a soft children’s juice box as long as neither are frozen.

9. Plan ahead for parking (if applicable)

There are a lot of sections of the surrounding area of the stadium blocked off for parking and it is somehow more hectic than usual due to fewer people wanting to take public transportation.

I recommend parking a little farther from the park and walking or getting to the park early for the closer parking garages.

I have found issues with being able to access certain garages when paid beforehand due to traffic and police rerouting.

10. Enjoy your time at the park!!!

Going to baseball games is supposed to be exciting, not stressful!

Make sure to plan ahead and check all your boxes so that once you’re in your seat and taking in the view, you’re able to have a great experience watching the Bronx Bombers!

A long island native, Tatiana is a 21-year-old health studies student, an EMT, and runs her own small business. A self-proclaimed "loud New York sports fan" with a passion for baseball she loves to spend her free time writing about anything and everything about the sport. Follow her on Twitter for more of her work! @TatianaAudley